For the saviors of the digital world.

While not unbothered by
The issues of today,
I choose to remain
(In certain ways) uninvolved.
I have passions,
And problems
With the way things go,
The way things have been
For so many years.
But I do not respect
The attitude for change
That bears no action in,
Or beyond it.
Digital fingerprints,
It all baffles me.
The ability to change,
To make peace
Where peace has been abandoned,
Is difficult even for those
Who are in those suffering streets.
I speak my mind,
But keep some thoughts quiet,
For I share the human trait
Of being fearful of failure,
Of being wrong in the face of
Others’ opinions.
I desire change,
But can I make it?
What can I do for you to hear it…
The things I want from life…
The things I want for others in their lives?
Am I uninvolved by my own volition,
Or am I, too, bound by history,
Doomed to be alone,
And, from salvation,

‘Drop Before the Fall’

Well, I’m back at it again:
Real life.
No, it’s not this job,
It isn’t anything really
Related to bettering myself
As a human being.
It’s the emotional side
That bugs me the most,
The ridiculous,
Underhanded relationships
I have built.
I am tired
Of trying so hard
To impress,
To implore.
Do you know what it’s like
To adore
Who chooses
Not to appreciate
The gifts,
And the talents
You have been given.
It’s as if I’ve been dropped,
And not picked up
For many years.


When in the dark,
I try to close my eyes,
But sadly, nothing works.
I’ve never bothered
Counting sheep,
Because, well,
Why bother?
Repetitive, no?
Well, let me guess:
You came here
For a reason,
A reason I cannot
Or dare to
Venture further.
I do apologize
For all of
My misconceptions,
All of the lies I’ve hidden
These awful,
Mute deceptions.

Special Announcement.

In honor of National Science Fiction Day (which takes place on birthday of Isaac Asimov), I am proud to announce my second venture in novel-writing.

My second novel is called Lady On The Moon, and focuses on the experiences of Ella Leveret, whose husband, Charlie, changes their lives forever with a leap into the unknown.


The concept is based on musings I had with my friend Jenn Rudel, who I’ve known for almost ten years and who is involved with makeup artistry. The story has grown into something quite unique and has the support of the team I work with at Chormeri Books.

Jenn and I (along with Chikodili and Hannah at Chormeri) are looking forward to developing this story over these coming months. I promise to keep you updated on the process and the future of its release.

Thank you for your support,

Erik Parshall

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